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Elysium is not only a place of rest and leasure in Greek mythology,
but here, at the top of Budapest as well. This apartment is designed
to celebrate life, discuss great ideas, and offer a space for relationships.
What would be a more proper inspiration for this than an art gallery?

The core of its design are the paintings that reveal the concept of
corners, as well as portrays a historic view of Budapest when entering the space. The gallery defines the surface, furniture, and lighting in the public area. It is an apartment museum - where you almost feel lost, then find yourself at the beginning...READ MORE


The power of this design is manifested in its ability to blur the limits between the static and the mobile with these components of the built space, for this reason the walls form a low body that never touches the roof to allow space amplitude hosting an artistic installation that accompanies the sinuosity of the walls demarcating the circulation and the scale of the premises... READ MORE



Da crib is a project designed for a residential space located in the 11th district of Budapest. This space consists of 114 square meters including terrace.

Following the client's requirements and according to their lifestyle, we have made the following spatial restructuring: receiver, living room, kitchen, bath room with shower and bathtub, guest toilet, master bedroom, laundry room and office-guest room... READ MORE


Rose hill is a project designed for a residential space located in the II district of Budapest. This space consists of 130 square meters + terraces, the current distribution has a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The main need of the client is to achieve the separation of the spaces according to their use, in which the private areas are totally separated from the public and where the work area is a totally different environment from the rest of the house. Another of the most relevant points is to find the coexistence and balance of two adults with different styles and tastes in terms of design... READ MORE

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For the design style, a middle point has been chosen between modern and contemporary where soft tones are predominant, whites, light and natural stones also play an important role providing light, spaciousness and freshness to the environment.

The lighting of the home is according to each space, in each of the areas a general lighting point and a soft lighting point have been designed. These types of lighting can be activated according to the occasion, whether it is an active or relaxing moment... READ MORE


Metal project is a space created to satisfy the needs and taste of our client, who has a great fondness for metal music.


The main idea is to achieve the perfect balance between both, metal music passions and design. That is why we have decided to incorporate metal elements and textures such as copper, iron, concrete and oxidized elements, but we have also added wood coatings to bridle a touch of warmth... READ MORE

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This house was designed for the daily use of a family of 5 members,

3 children and two adults, where children play an important role, but also parents have their own space adapted for their personal enjoyment.

The space is divided into 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a living room with a shared kitchen.

The design concept is based on refreshing the current style seeking to project a more modern and luminous line, taking advantage of the occasion also to achieve a better use of space...READ MORE


Architecture must be the means to experiment with the body and the mind simultaneously, in this way we nd that the practice of Yoga is the perfect mobile for the development

of these relationships, since that yoga is the full experience of
experiences with a strong referent meaning, encompassing physical, emotional, philosophical and spiritual, all this starting from a practice with a technique eminently corporeal.

Here the body is shown to us as a construction, like the instrument safe and ready to...READ MORE


Inferno is a space created for pleasure, joy and enjoyment, to share with friends or family, where the main concept is related to the 9 rings of hell related in Dante Alighieri's "Divine Comedy".

The arrival station is a totally red room that refers to the limbo of darkness, but far from being a nightmare, its true identity reveals a space for enjoyment, relaxation and even watching a good movie.

Crossing the red limbo, we land in the nucleus of hell, a striking and elegant bar that...READ MORE


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