Elysium is not only a place of rest and leisure in Greek mythology,
but here, at the top of Budapest as well. This apartment is designed
to celebrate life, discuss great ideas, and offer a space for relationships.
What would be a more proper inspiration for this than an art gallery?

The core of its design are the paintings that reveal the concept of
corners, as well as portrays a historic view of Budapest when entering
the space. The gallery defines the surface, furniture, and lighting in
the public area. It is an apartment museum - where you almost feel
lost, then find yourself at the beginning. The composition of furniture
and the hanging wall system are not separate, as you see them from
the receiver area they compose one wave throughout the flat. The thin
wooden beams lead you from the portal in two direction; the public
living area and the private spaces.

Respecting the view is crucial, so all objects and furniture are attached
to the walls or are made transparent.

Comfy, cozy, warm, timeless design, cannot be said it owns to an age,
even time travelers would be confused where they are. Elegant,
refine, still comfortable. An open space for open-minded people.