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Elysium, a well-known place for rest and leisure in Greek mythology,

can now be found right here at the top of Budapest. This residence

was designed to celebrate life, discuss philosophy, and to enjoy one another’s company. What better inspiration for this than an art gallery?

Paintings that reveal the concept of corners and the mesmerising view of historic Budapest are at the heart of this design. The gallery defines the surfaces, the furniture, and the lighting in the common area. It is an apartment museum in which you can get lost, only to find yourself back at the beginning again. The furniture composition and the hanging wall system unite as one entity, apparent as soon as you enter the reception area. Thin wooden beams lead you from the entrance in two directions: the common area (living room) and the private spaces/rooms.  

Making the most of the stunning view over the city was important, so every object was attached to the wall or made transparent, and furniture was placed in a way so as not to obstruct the view. This space exudes comfort, cosiness, warmth, elegance, and refinement, and is proof that design can be timeless. Even time travellers would have a hard time distinguishing this abode from the original Elysium! 

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