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Da Crib was a project designed for a 114 m2 terraced residential space located in the 11th district of Budapest. 

Based on the client's requirements and lifestyle, we created the following rooms after spatial restructuring: a reception area, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom with shower and bathtub, a guest toilet, a master bedroom, a laundry room and an office/guest room.

For the design, our team chose a mix between neo-classic and contemporary, using mainly wood tones. In the private spaces, contrasting materials and dark nuances were used to provide greater intimacy and elegance. In the common areas, white, light and natural tones played an important role in providing a feeling of lightness, spaciousness and freshness.

For the bathroom, natural colour tones, natural stones and arched forms were applied, creating an atmosphere of lightness and relaxation. 

The lighting proposal for each space, or room, was tailor-made, with each lighting solution providing both bright and dim lighting, allowing one to adjust it according to their mood or the occasion.

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