Inferno is a space created for pleasure, joy and enjoyment, to share with friends or family, where the main concept is related to the 9 rings of hell related in Dante Alighieri's "Divine Comedy".

The arrival station is a totally red room that refers to the limbo of darkness, but far from being a nightmare, its true identity reveals a space for enjoyment, relaxation and even watching a good movie.

Crossing the red limbo, we land in the nucleus of hell, a striking and elegant bar that invites us to enjoy the best drinks and cocktails, around it there is room for a dance floor, or simply chat and have a good time.

The floor refers to the purgatory of lost souls, while the walls carry abstract flames that direct the lighting and personality of the room.

Connected to the living room we find three cameras, the shower, the jacuzzi and a sauna with quite peculiar lighting.

A secret door transports us to the toilet, a design totally different from the rest of the space makes us believe that everything is fine, but nevertheless the mirror reflects another reality, like its decorative paintings.

Finally, after crossing the last secret door, we arrive at the billiard room, with a quite confused atmosphere between normality, elegance and madness, it makes us question reality.