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Inferno is a space created for pure pleasure and enjoyment, a space to be shared with friends, where the main concept is based on the nine rings of hell described in Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy.

​The entrance, The Limbo, is an entirely red room reminiscent of the limbo of darkness, yet far from being a nightmare, its true character reveals a space for diversion and relaxation.

​Crossing the red limbo, we land in the nucleus of hell, a striking and elegant bar with a dance floor that invites guests to enjoy the best drinks and cocktails, to dance, or tosimply socialise and have a good time.

The floor design is reminiscent of the purgatory of lost souls, while the walls carry abstract flames that dominate the lighting and the character of the room.

Connected to the living room we find three rooms: the shower, the jacuzzi and the sauna, each with its own peculiar lighting.

​A secret door transports us to the washroom, which has a unique design and stands out from the rest of the rooms. Upon entering, we get the impression that everything is normal, but the imposing mirror reflects another reality, as do the decorative paintings on the wall. 

​Finally, after crossing the last secret door, we arrive at an elegant billiard room that reveals a confusing atmosphere between normality and madness, making us question reality.









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