The physical conditions of the space respond to a rectangular box

20 m long by 6 meters wide and 4.50 m high.


For us, design is a catalyst that endows space with complex meanings,

a search that combines historical references with innovative spatial experiences, meeting the requirements of space while still exploring

new possibilities for interaction.

For this reason, we turned to Fluidity as a keyword in this one-room space, since it would allow us to find a balance between the functionalities of the uses (exhibition areas and dressmaking areas) and the experimental of circulation and experience of space, all this achieved in the sinuous form of poetic wooden walls, which become the spaces for exhibition and attention. 

The power of this design is manifested in its ability to blur the limits between the static and the mobile with these components of the built space, for this reason the walls form a low body that never touches the roof to allow space amplitude hosting an artistic installation that accompanies the sinuosity of the walls demarcating the circulation and the scale of the premises.


On the ceiling is one of the most important elements of the space, which is an artistic installation that is composed of several layers of sinuous curtains in the form of a staggered waterfall made of hundreds of metal rods in degrade of gold, which pay homage to the kinetic work of the Venezuelan Jesús Rafael Soto, who through his penetrables immerses the viewer in a living experience.

Another mandatory reference used by the design team was the Finnish pavilion in New York by Arq. Alvar Aalto, in 1937, he proposed an architecture closer to the organic concept of curved walls, domed and suspended from the outer shell that maintained a relationship with landscape. The venue thus becomes a dynamic setting full of meanings for those who live in the venue and creates the opportunity to re-imagine the fluidity of space and the dimensions of art as an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

The ceiling of Love Salón Budapest is intended to be a black plane that resembles the stellar mantle giving greater depth to the space, hosting an artistic installation 14.00 m long by 2.00 m high that accompanies and draws the sinuosity of the walls, demarcating the circulation within the premises. and scale.


This installation is composed of several layers of organic curtains in the form of a stepped waterfall made of hundreds of metal rods in different variations of golden tones. Aurora Tropical is a tribute to both the kinetic work of the Venezuelan by Jesús Rafael Soto, taking as a reference his works called penetrable in which the viewer is immersed in a living experience, such as the phenomenon of the polar Auroras in the form of brightness or luminescence that appears in the night sky. Everything merges into a meandering luminous and ethereal surface that hypnotizes us from the arrival at the local.