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Rose Hill was a project designed for a residential 130 m2 space

with terraces, located in the second district of Budapest. Prior to reconstruction, the apartment had a living room, a kitchen,

two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Based on our client’s requirements and lifestyle, we carried out the spatial restructuration and created the following: a reception area,

a living room, a reading room, a kitchen, a storage room, a bathroom with shower and bathtub, a guest toilet, one bedroom, a dressing room,

a laundry, and an office/guest bedroom.

The client’s main goal was to achieve a separation of the spaces based on their function, whereby private spaces would be completely separated from the common areas and where the work area would provide an entirely different environment to the rest of the home. Another objective was to find the right balance for two coexisting adults with different tastes in design and style.

We chose a design style between modern and contemporary, using predominantly wood tones. In private spaces, high-contrast materials and dark shades were used to provide a touch of privacy and elegance. In common areas, white, light and natural tones played an important role in providing a light, spacious and fresh atmosphere. As the client was a passionate collector of Persian rugs, these were mounted on the walls of the common spaces as pieces of art on display. 

We decided to separate the work area using a different style to the other spaces in the home. An industrial-concept style was created using textured materials and rustic finishes with brick, metal, concrete and black tones.

For the bathroom, we proposed an environment with light, natural tones, using predominantly stone and wood materials to create a space for relaxation.

The lighting was tailor-made for each space, allowing for either a bright light option or a dim-light option to be activated according to the occasion or the mood. In the common area, we mounted reflectors for each of the Persian rugs to help highlight their quality and myriad of colours.

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