Space problem?

We focus on smart ideas that provide solutions for tight spaces, taking advantage of space as much as possible

Messy space?

We provide solutions to facilitate the order and cleaning of even small spaces

Improving profit?

We help you to add value to your property to make it profitable

 We create individual Interior design styles

for each client, considering functionality and creativity

No matter where in the world you are,

all we need is a basic blueprint of your space to start executing our solutions.​

After our first meeting, we design a first structural proposal based on the needs

of our clients.

The first thing we do is meeting with our clients and talk through their goals on a future project. This could be by skype, zoom or any other platform.

We will be available throughout the construction for any questions that the builder in charge of the work may have.

Obtaining the approval of the client we continue the design process through a realistic 3D visualization, where styles, colors, textures and other details can be clearly seen.

A detailed list of all the items used in the design will be provided with all the plans  required to make the design come true.

"I never find the things I need, they get lost in the mess"

"I know the style I like, but I do not know how to project it, nor how to use the space 100%"

"I cannot work from home, because I do not have a suitable space for it, nor could I attend video calls since I am ashamed of the background they will see"

"Without being able to invite our friends to my house, because it is very small and all my things are watered everywhere"

"I wan to to get a good price to rent my apartment to get a good return, but I have no idea what style or strategy to use in this small space"

Cristiano Siepi

I hired HBellorin for a full renovation project of my 30 sqm apartment in Budapest, the idea was to take advantage of the space as much as possible, what they did was just crazy, they found the way to have two independent bedrooms with wardrobe and working space, a spacious kitchen, a comfortable living area, bathroom and on top of that a laundry room! I highly recommend them if you are looking for a mix of beauty and functionality. 





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