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The Non-Arch Space - PART 2. Why Do Designers Love and Need Constant Criticism?

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Written by Camila Morales Guilarte

When I say criticism, I go more towards “feedback” and how this should work, so bear with me while I explain this.

I have this theory that one of the beauties of architecture and design, in general, is that it cannot be a lonely job. One of the most straightforward examples I can give you to prove my point is to explain how architecture school works.

Throughout your studies, you have to present in front of others all your ideas constantly. Whether they are ready or not, whether you believe you have the best solution for a space or someone believes it can be better. You find yourself almost daily in a position of vulnerability, and only those who learn from this criticism and can apply it, survive.

To give you another example, and the one I believe opened my eyes the fastest was that, just after I graduated, I saw how magical the balance between engineers, constructors, and architects could be. The disciplines are very much different, but our goals towards the clients always find common ground.

We all depend on each other, and I am not here to tell you that the client is always right. But we need to understand that listening to those who will live the design is as essential as listening to your designer and all their experiences. Their perspective on the problem, the ideas they have worked on for hours, and the ones they still call mistakes when they tuck them in at night, are products of previous feedback.

Many know how to give feedback, but a small number can make magic out of it. Today I am here to stand up and applaud those designers who are also magicians, who take a rookie idea and make it beautiful and functional, as I am also here to celebrate those who voice out their dream spaces in all the ways possible and make our job easier.

We love your feedback, and what I wanted to tell you is that giving it makes you part of our team, the same team that wants to be proud of the space you will enjoy, the space that comes from your dreams to reality.

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