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The Non-Arch Space

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Written by Camila Morales Guilarte

Image by Jefferson Quintana -

Like everyone has their favorite singer and song, I believe everyone should have their favorite architect, and in my case, it is Shigeru Ban.

The reason why I open this blog post like this is that if there’s one thing I’ve learned from him is the idea that architecture and design should be available and understandable for everyone.

Let me picture it for you in a better way; how many times have you found yourself enjoying a

space without fully understanding why? Is it seeing other people use the space and feel that

everything is in the right place, almost orchestrated? Is there anything in the room that is

reminding you of another thing you have seen before?

The reality is that behind all those feelings a room can give you, there is an orchestra filled with designers, architects, engineers, and many others playing their instruments and composing a song for you to enjoy. And similar to a song, it is based on life itself.

Images by Warner Bros. Pictures © 2010 WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT INC.

Based on feelings, a designer is on and on playing these dream scenarios in their heads where they move around the space. They must try it out first, look where the failures are and what the solutions should be.

With the posts to come, I will give you some examples of how those good feelings you have had before towards spaces, are most probably connected to many theories around design. I can only hope that after reading them, you will feel like someone who just got a new pair of glasses and it is now seeing the world differently.

Budapest, 20/08/2021

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