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The Non-Arch Space - PART 1. How Can You NOT Fear Colors?

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Written by Camila Morales Guilarte

I declare myself guilty. I am someone that used to avoid color more times than usual and being honest, the title of this post goes to me as I was the one that used to believe that going for greys and brownish colors was always the best option. As an architect, I still believe you can never go wrong, at least in terms of color, combining concrete, wood, and steel. But the consequences of just using these constantly will make you fall into a slumber that only those who rely on other designers can wake up.

Image by Good Design Collective, Zach George & Taylor Proctor.

From clothes to house appliances, when it comes to adding a bit of color frequently, some

people believe that too much color will saturate the space. When in reality, we should see it as enough color will wake us all up.

When I say enough color today I mean, three basic color combinations, based on the first color wheel created by Sir Isaac Newton back in 1666. So to make it easier and not get you into a more profound slumber, I will line them up, and with examples that you can get in stores, show you how these should work.

1. Complementary colors: Two colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel. The balance between the wall on the following image, and the color of the curtain, both on the same tone.

2. Monochromatic colors: One base color spread out in different shades, tones, and tints. Maybe the photo above spoils this one, but I believe the following image can show the harmony that this can create in any space if it is not clear.

3. Analogous colors: Lastly, combining three colors, specifically those together in the color

wheel. This kitchen set combines two shades of green with one predominant shade of yellow, and these can be found holding hands in the color wheel.

And this can go on for hours; my recommendation is to apply this to reality. Do a few color

combinations with what you currently have in your space and go for more. And if you have

more doubts, book an online consultation with us here to make your dream colorful space a


Thanks to all of you.

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