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In the heart of this apartment, classic and modern design shake hands, and the dominant players on this visual stage are the pristine whites and soothing pastels. But the spotlight, the first thing that catches your eye upon entering, is the living room's curved wall.

This architectural twist isn't just a fancy feature it's the star of the show, a seamless blend of classic and modern vibes. Think regal furniture pieces and ornate frames making small talk with sleek lines and minimalist structures. It's a design dialogue where each element, whether rooted in the past or embracing the future, has a role to play.

White takes center stage, turning the apartment into a canvas of possibilities. It's clean, crisp, and acts as a backdrop for the pastel hues that add a touch of warmth. The living room, with its curved wall, becomes a gallery where classic and modern pieces coexist without clashing.

The lighting scheme plays a supporting role, with modern fixtures hanging alongside classic chandeliers. The interplay of light highlights the contours of the room, creating a comfortable and visually interesting space.

In a nutshell, this interior design is a practical yet stylish blend of classic and modern elements, with a clean white palette serving as the canvas for the subtle charm of pastel colors. And, of course, the curved wall steals the spotlight, setting the tone for the entire artistic ensemble.

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