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Under the slogan just like a finger print, presenting itself as a seal of exclusive design, the firm Hbellorin makes its way into the Hungarian and European markets under the tutelage of Venezuelan  designer, Héctor Bellorín.


His passion, vision, values and commitment in the development of his projects have made him a winner of prestigious in this competive trade.


Moreover, adapting avant-garde concepts of neuromarketing to HBellorin designs has allowed him to create innovative spaces satisfying the latest needs of the market.​

His arrival in Europe has empowered him to broaden his horizons to publicize his work in the continent, reflecting the artistic and functional possibilities in residential and commercial projects, where not only aesthetics matter but also practicality and a strong business sense.


Offer our passion, values and commitment to each of our clients, thus leaving the mark that defines us as professionals.


Achieve that our brand is recognized in a prestigious and remarkable way, projecting the artist's vision within the European continent, creating exclusive and elegant products.