Rose hill is a project designed for a residential space located in the II district of Budapest. This space consists of 130 square meters + terraces, the current distribution has a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Following the client's requirements according to their lifestyle, we have made the following spatial restructuring: hall, living room, reading room, kitchen, storage room, bathroom with shower and bathtub, guest toilet,

1 bedroom, dressing room, laundry, office-guest bedroom.

The main need of the client is to achieve the separation of the spaces according to their use, in which the private areas are totally separated from the public and where the work area is a totally different environment from the rest of the house. Another of the most relevant points is to find the coexistence and balance of two adults with different styles and tastes in terms of design.

For the design style, a middle point has been chosen between modern and contemporary, where wood tones are predominant, in private areas it has been decided to use high-contrast materials and dark shades in order to provide a touch of greater privacy and elegance. While in public areas white and light and natural tones play an important role in providing light, spaciousness and freshness to the environment. It is important to mention that the client is a passionate collector of Persian rugs, which will be placed on the walls of public areas as pieces of

art for display.

On the other hand, it has been decided to separate the work area using a divergent style compared to the rest of the space.

An industrial concept style, textured materials and rustic finishes are essential, brick, metal, concrete and black tones are the protagonists.

For the bathroom, an environment of light, natural tones is proposed, where stone and wood are predominant, enjoyment and relaxation are the essence of this space.

The lighting of the home is according to each space, in each of the areas a general lighting point has been designed, and another for dim light. These types of lighting can be activated according to the occasion, whether it is an active or relaxing moment. On the other hand, in the public area we have specified a reflector for each of the rugs to be exhibited, thus highlighting the quality of the work and the color that these rugs have.